Jay Leno Breaks Silence On Controversial Departure Of 'America's Got Talent' Judge Gabrielle Union

Date December 3, 2019

Gabrielle Union's 'America's Got Talent' departure was met with major criticisms by fans of the show. According to Variety, Jay Leno, who once made a guest appearance of the show, made what some felt was an inappropriate joke.

According to the publication, during the taping of the show, Jay made reference to a painting on display which was surrounded by dogs. He then reportedly joked that the pets seemed to be something one might find "on the menu at a Korean restaurant."

Many people who were present reportedly found the joke to be offensive. One of them was Gabrielle who insisted that Jay should be reported to the human resources at NBC.

It was reported that Jay's joke was one of many examples of what some people who worked on AGT considered to be the toxic culture at the show.

So when hosts Gabrielle Union and Julliane Hough were asked not to return, it raised questions about there being some form of discrimination going on, especially on the part of Gabrielle Union. Insiders claimed that she was racially discriminated against for her hairstyle and looks.

Jay Leno on former AGT host Gabrielle Union

The TV personality has since broken his silence after his Korean dog joke was made public and following speculations that Gabrielle's disapproval could have led to her firing.

TMZ reporters caught Jay Leno on his way out of the Comedy and Magic Club in California and asked about being called out for his joke by Gabrielle. He replied:

I love Gabrielle Union, she's a great girl. I really enjoyed working with her, she's really good.

When he was asked if Gabrielle was treated unfairly on the show, he said.

I don't know, but I think she's a great girl.

Sharon Osbourne speaks out

While sharing her views on The Talk, Sharon Osbourne reportedly said that she had her "own problems" with NBC, which was why she quit America's Got Talent after 6 seasons.

When I was there it was, you know, a great show to work on. The crew and everybody were amazing to me, everybody, except the network.

Since Gabrielle Union's ousting from AGT, there have been a lot of accusations thrown in the air. Fans of the actress understandably want to know if there's racial discrimination involved. However, the matter is being investigated so hopefully, a suitable explanation will be provided in due time.

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