47-Year-Old Cameron Diaz Welcomes First Child And The Internet Is A Little Confused

Date January 8, 2020

Yay! Cameron Diaz is a mom at age 47. But then, people are a bit flabbergasted about the situation of things. Why's that?

A star in love

Cameron Diaz and her husband are one of the most private couples in Hollywood. The beautiful actress is married to Benji Madden who's 7 years younger than she is. Benji is a handsome man and a talented singer so we can kind of see how Cameron fell had for him.

According to TheSun, Cameron and Benji met for the first time in 2014 and were engaged in a matter of months. Then they got married in 2015. Clearly, they knew pretty early on in their relationship that they were meant to be together.

In an interview with InStyle, the actress opened up about how she knew Benji was the one. She said that even if she wasn't sure about marriage at the time they tied the knot, she was positive that her man was very special.

He’s just a good man... It’s really refreshing.

A sweet new baby

On January 4th, 2020, Cameron made a pretty big announcement on social media. She posted a statement on Instagram where she revealed that she and Benji are now parents to a baby girl named Raddix.

The proud mom gushed about how her child "captured" their hearts and said that the baby is "really really cute!!" But if you're hoping to see sweet snapshots of the newborn anytime soon, you'll be disappointed.

In her statement, Cameron made it clear that she will not be posting updates or pictures of her daughter in order to protect the baby's privacy. She also turned off comments on the post to prevent people from sharing feedback.

Confused fans

A new baby is a pretty big news, and even more so when it comes to celebrities. So it makes sense that fans had plenty to say after the There's Something About Mary star announced her child's arrival.

However, one thing people kept pointing out was that Cameron was never seen with a baby bump and they wondered if she welcomed her child through adoption, surrogacy or other alternative means.

Her fans' confusion is pretty understandable considering that the official statement of her child's arrival didn't give any information about how it happened. And commenters feel positive the actress wasn't pregnant mainly due to her age and the insistence that they did not see any indication of a baby bump in recent photos.

A change of heart

The internet is making all kinds of speculations but, be that as it may, it's pretty obvious that Cameron and Benji are happy to be parents.

This is an interesting turnaround considering some of these things she previously said about the possibility of motherhood.

  • In 2009, she told Cosmo she believed more women were opting not to have kids which she considered to be a good idea. However, she couldn't say for sure if that was in the plans for her.
  • A year later, she told InStyle that she felt children weren't the only way to have a fulfilled life and being a mom would drastically change her life.
  • In 2012, she implied that she could very well decide to adopt. In other words, anything could happen.
  • Then to Marie Claire in October 2014, she was quoted as saying "if a family happens, then it happens," while discussing the possibility of having children.

Many of the actress' past opinions implied that having kids was not a necessity but she did not deny the possibility. And now that she's a mom, it's obvious that she feels she made the right choice.

Considering how big of a star she is, it makes sense that people are very curious about Cameron's baby. And even though the actress won't be bombarding us with shot after shot of her child, we're still glad to know she's a mom. It doesn't really matter how her baby came into her life. All that matters is that she's happy, healthy, and positive. She's a private woman and fans respect her for that.

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