Cardi B Forgives Offset For Cheating On Her As She Confesses They're Back Together: "We Prayed On It"

Date December 10, 2019

Cardi B and Offset's relationship has been anything but smooth. They have gone through ups and downs. And now, they are apparently trying to move on from his infidelity.

The most recent drama began when rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine's girlfriend, Jade, called out Offset publicly after he allegedly sent a flirty "miss you" message to her on Instagram in the middle of the night.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Jade accused Offset of disrespecting his wife and insinuated that she had more proof of his actions that she was was yet to expose.

In his defense, Offset posted a video on Cardi B's Instagram story where he claimed that he was hacked which would explain the message sent from his account to Jade's.

Cardi B and Offset back together

Evidently, Cardi remains on her man's side as she believes that he has changed. The couple had previously broken up due to his infidelity but she has now confirmed that their relationship is on solid ground again.

While speaking to Vogue Magazine, Cardi B discusses Offset's cheating past and why she has chosen to forgive him. She explains that no relationship is perfect so she's all about forgiveness, adding:

I prayed on it. Me and my husband, we prayed on it.

She adds that priests were invited to come and help them through their issues and she and Offset eventually came to an understanding.

He has my back for everything, I have his back for everything, so when you cheat, you’re betraying the person that has your back the most. Why would you do that? We have come to a clear understanding. For me, monogamy is the only way. I’ll beat your a** if you cheat on me.

Skepticism over Offset being hacked

Cardi B and Offset's recent drama raised eyebrows on social media. His defense for Jade's accusations didn't make sense to a lot of people who felt that saying he was hacked was a convenient excuse.

He was slammed online for deliberating posting random things hours online after Jade exposed him just to back up his claims.

This couple has one of those controversial relationships that seem to rub people off the wrong way. But one thing that can be said for them is that they are completely devoted to making their marriage work. And their determination is admirable.

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