'We Have Grown Apart': 'Beverly Hills 90210' Star Ian Ziering And Wife Erin Announce Split After 9 Years Of Marriage

Date November 1, 2019

Actor Ian Ziering is well known for his work on Beverly Hills 90210 and apart from his success on TV, he also seemed to have the perfect life with his wife, blogger Erin Kristine Ludwig.

Erin has appeared on several red carpets events and premieres with her husband, but for the most part, she focuses on her writing on the popular blog Millennial Mamas.

Ian and Erin became engaged after dating for only three months and they reportedly tied the knot in May 2010 in California.

Ian Ziering and wife Erin split up

The couple's marriage might have kicked off beautifully enough, but Ian has revealed that they are splitting up after being married for 9 years.

The actor recently announced their separation via a statement posted on his Instagram. He began:

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you Erin and I are splitting up. With our hectic work schedules we could not be busier, and over the last few years have grown apart.

He goes on to describe Erin as an "incredible" woman and the "best mom." He mentions that there are things being said about them that are untrue and aimed at making matters more dramatic than they are.

At this time, Ian insists that he's focused on moving on and ensuring that he and his ex become "successful co-parents." The actor concludes his message by asking people to respect their privacy at this time.

Ian Ziering's children

Ian and Erin are parents of two daughters Mia and Penna.

The actor once told Babble that being a dad was "the best role" he ever had and it was something he had always wanted. Describing parenting as "the best time in life," Ian said that he believed spending quality times with his children was very important.

From the way he talked about parenthood, it's clear that Ian considers this an important responsibility. And based on his words about his separation, we have a feeling that being able to raise his children with his ex successfully is a priority for the star. Here's hoping Ian and Erin both find happiness in their respective paths.

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