Aussie Hotness! 52-Year-Old Nicole Kidman Flaunts Her Flawlessly Petite Figure In A Purple Bikini

Date January 15, 2020 17:20

Do you know Nicole Kidman’s age? If your answer is ‘no,’ then now you’ll know: the Aussie beauty is 52 years old. Hard to believe, right? She once said:

Nobody wants to look like you’ve had the life sucked out of you. I just say it’s about gracefully aging — because it can be fun!

Nicole Kidman is one of the most stunning celebs in the world. But what are her secrets behind such a youthful look and toned body?

  • To stay healthy with appropriate nutrition.
  • To take care of mental health.
  • To run and take a yoga class regularly.
  • To use creams for a specific type of skin; hers are everything that’s for dry one.

Nicole Kidman now

The mother-of-two shook social media with her super toned physique. Nicole Kidman was pictured in a hot purple bikini, flaunting her long legs, a slim tummy, and muscular arms. The swimsuit featured high-waist panties and ruffled bra, making the 52-year-old look more beautiful and young.

Nicole Kidman’s body has always been svelte and petite. In addition to her incredible beauty and height, she looks like a perfect supermodel for showbiz. Ah, we wish we could look like her in 50+!

Kidman on being healthy

The Big Little Lies star knows the value and essence of good health, especially when you aren’t that young anymore. In Women’s Health, the Aussie celebrity stated:

Over the years, I’ve realized that if you don’t have your health, you’ve got nothing. So that comes first. And how do you get that when you have two little kids, and a husband, and a lot of work? I work for balance now. I do yoga, and I run, and I meditate. I take really good care of myself and I eat well.

Woah, what a fantastic woman! Nicole Kidman is one of our daily inspirations on how to look amazing after 50. Some other stars, like Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Lopez, also motivate us to take care of physical health as much as about mental ones. The Australian A-lister’s figure now is no worse than at a young age!

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