Melania Trump's White House Christmas Decorations Are Compared To A Horror Film Scene, Again

Date December 4, 2019

The Christmas trees at the White House are one of the anticipated updates from the Presidency every year. It's usually very elaborate and fancy. And in some ways, it officially gives the impression that the Christmas season as begun.

A horror film isn't the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Christmas decorations. But evidently, this was the impression that some people got when Melania Trump unveiled the White House Christmas decorations a year ago.

In response to footage that showed the Yuletides scene in the White House in all its glory, people felt it reminded them of a scene from a horror flick.

And they commented as much.

Criticisms for 2019 White House Christmas decorations

On December 1st, the White House uploaded a new video showing the White House decorations for the year. It featured Melania Trump taking a walk through some of the well-lit rooms and inspecting a few of the decorations.

Bright lights, colors, gorgeous trees, and an overall festive appearance were some of the themes that were apparent in this year's White House Christmas decor.

The First Lady herself looked very stunning in a gorgeous knee-length fitted cape dress as she walked around elegantly.

Despite the obvious effort that went into the creation of this look, people still felt like it reminded them of a horror film, once again.

In fact, some commenters said they were reminded of scenes from The Shining.

Praises for the decorations

Not everyone agreed that it was a terrible set-up though.

Some people loved the decor and colors. And they complimented the White House for a job well done.

Let's face it, when it comes to things like this, there will always be mixed feelings from the public. Melania Trump and her crew of decorators clearly did their very best in creating a magical Christmas scene and the good news is that a lot of people do seem to like it.

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