"A Little Slip = Concussion, Fractured Nose": 73-Year-Old Susan Sarandon Badly Injures Her Face After A Fall [Photos]

Date November 25, 2019 14:15

73-year-old Susan Sarandon recently took to Instagram to share the consequences of not being careful at her age.

Susan Sarandon shares injuries after a nasty fall

The Thelma & Louise star isn't ashamed of showing her injuries to the entire world and demonstrated what can happen if you suffer "a little slip" and land face first after it.

Sarandon had to explain why she had to cancel a meeting with Senator Sanders in New Hampshire and posted pictures of her injuries to prove she wasn't bailing on her public appearance:

A little slip = concussion, fractured nose, banged up knee. So, looks like I won’t be able to meet the folks in New Hampshire with Senator Sanders tomorrow.

Fans send their best wishes to Sarandon

We really hope Susan recovers quickly!

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