Billy Ray Cyrus Was Mocked Online For Teaming Up With Melania Trump Against Cyberbullying: "You're Joking, Right?!"

Date November 20, 2019

Recently, Billy Ray Cyrus met with Melania Trump and a family of a teenager who took his own life after being cyberbullied. Billy Ray was heartbroken by 16-year-old Channing Smith's story and felt like he needed to do something about this issue.

As part of the First Lady's anti-bullying and anti-drug Be Best campaign, Cyrus and the Channing family came together with Melania to address cyberbullying and its terrible consequences.

Billy Ray was moved by the meeting and the FLOTUS herself, sharing praise for her on his social media post:

What an honor to sit with the First Lady in the Red Room at the White House. I was truly inspired by your sincerity. You delivered heart and compassion. You and your team were so engaged to Channing’s grieving father and brother. You brought ideas and strategy to the table. I was blown away by your vision to make this world a safer and better place for the youth in America.

People online slam Billy Ray Cyrus

After seeing Billy Ray Cyrus' post, some people didn't take his kind words about the FLOTUS too well and criticized him for teaming up with her.

There were some supporters too

What do you think about this response from the public, who are you siding with?

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