Oops! Amy Roloff Accidentally Slips That Zach And Tori's Future Daughter Will Be Born With Dwarfism In A Now Deleted Facebook Video

Date November 5, 2019 16:51

Zach and Tori Roloff are currently expecting their second child and they can't be more excited about it!

The couple's first child, son Jackson, was born in 2017 and has the same type of dwarfism as her father. Many wonder whether Zach and Tori's future daughter will also be a dwarf.

Amy Roloff makes a revelation about her unborn granddaughter?

During a recent Facebook live video, Amy Roloff started talking about Zach and Tori's future daughter and seemingly revealed that the girl will be born with dwarfism:

She will be a little person. And just to give you a quick synopsis, they have a 50/50 chance of having a little person like Zachary, or be an average size person. So, I commend Tori, she’s a good mom. I also commend her because realizing when you’re not used to it, she’s going to be the different one in her own family, instead of maybe Jackson or something like that.

RadarOnline reports that Amy deleted the video shortly after it aired, supposedly because Tori Roloff repeatedly said that she doesn't want people to know anything about her unborn child other than that she's healthy.

Roloff also praised her daughter-in-law for being a wonderful mother and maybe that is why she realized she should respect her wishes after all:

I think she is going to be great. She is doing great. And I love how they are both parenting Jackson. I think they’re both doing wonderful in how they are doing that.

Interestingly, out of Amy and Matt Roloff's four children Zach is the only one born with dwarfism.

So we'll have to wait and see whether Zach and Tori's daughter will actually be born like her father and brother.

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