Katie Cassidy Files For Divorce With Husband Just Year After Intimate Wedding

Date January 9, 2020 15:45

Katie Cassidy and her husband Matthew Rodgers seemed like the perfect couple. They got married in a stunning ceremony in Florida in December 2018.

Katie looked like the most beautiful bride in her gorgeous lace dress with a 10-foot train and Matthew was so happy to take his beloved as his wife. However, their bliss didn’t last for long.

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Katie Cassidy’s intimate wedding was just a year ago but now it looks like the actress doesn’t want to be married anymore.

The 33-year-old surprised everyone when she filed for divorce on Wednesday. According to PEOPLE, the reason why Katie Cassidy and Matthew Rodgers are not the best husband and wife for each other is ‘irreconcilable differences.’

On the same night when she filed for divorce, Cassidy shared a telling Instagram post where she wrote:

you’re going to be happy, said life, but first, I’ll make you strong.

The two were married for 13 months but they didn’t have any kids so the divorce process should be easier and cleaner.

The long boyfriend list

Matthew Rodgers is not a celebrity unlike many of Cassidy’s previous boyfriends. She used to date:

  • singer Jessie McCartney;
  • NBA player Sasha Vujacic;
  • NHL player Jason Garrison;
  • and many more famous people.

We wonder who will become the next boyfriend on Cassidy’s long list but we hope she will finally find ‘the one’ soon and we wish the same for Matthew. Whatever happened between them, they both deserve to be happy.

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