Richest Man In Modern History Jeff Bezos Faces Major Backlash For His Donation To Australia

Date January 14, 2020 17:44

They say that after divorce men are usually left with nothing but Jeff Bezos’ net worth still makes him the richest man in modern history. Amazon’s founder and CEO can boast $117.2 billion in his pocket, according to Business Insider.

Even after giving his former wife MacKenzie 4% of his Amazon stake, Jeff Bezes’ wealth still puts him on top, while making his former spouse one of the richest women in the world.

It was reported that in 2018, Jeff Bezos’ income grew every 5 minutes by $690,000, which is why the world turned its back on the billionaire after hearing the news about his donation to Australia.

Jeff Bezos’ donations

As Australia is suffering in the aftermath of bushfires that destroyed people’s homes and animals’ habitats, many people offered help by donating money to the land Down Under.

Jeff Bezos is not a stranger to philanthropy, yet his donation to Australia raised a lot of questions. The billionaire revealed that he will contribute 1 million Australian dollars, which is about $690,000, to help restore Australian wildfire.

We don’t know Jeff Bezos’ yearly income but Forbes states that his net worth has grown by up to $3 billion since last year. That means that Bezos makes the sum he donated about every 30 minutes.

People’s comments


Bro give more thats nothing for you one mill come on ... you’re a billionaire


u are the richest man, a light billion towards this and stuff like pollution and global warming would be nice


You don’t pay any taxes so you definitely can donate more than 1 million of your tax-free dollars don’t think Jeff Bezos?


Might as well donate a billion it’s only 1% of ur net worth JEFF

However, some praised him for the act of kindness


I know when most people see this they will say “but you’re Jeff Bezos 1billion dollars wouldn’t even phase you”. Or “amazon is a trillion dollar company “. But all in all this donation will help Australia


Thank you some ungreatful people saying donate more should take a look at themselves.


Anyone who says: $1m is only X amount of an income of someone who makes some small sum of money .. step up to the plate and donate that percentage of your income. Then maybe we’ll be in a better place. $1m Is a heck of a lot of money.

Celebs, who donated money

In comparison to Jeff Bezos, there were celebrities who donated millions to help Australia get back on its feet. Those A-listers who were more generous than Amazon’s CEO include Elton John, James Packer, and Kylie Jenner.

Here are other stars, who showered Australia with donations:

  • Russell Crowe;
  • Chris Hemsworth;
  • Pink;
  • Ellen DeGeneres;
  • Kylie Minogue;
  • Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.

So here comes the question: should Jeff Bezos donate more money if the sum he offered seems to be ‘nothing for him?’ It’s really easy to say that if we had as much dough as he does, we wouldn't even blink when signing a $1 million cheque. But if Bezos did that on regular basis, he wouldn’t stay the richest man in the world, would he? What do you think?