AGT Former Judge Gabrielle Union Was Reportedly Fired As Her Hair Was "Too Black"

Date December 2, 2019 18:02

Gabriel Union's expulsion from America's Got Talent caused a flurry of controversy, as racism seems to be the main reason behind it.

A report by Variety claimed that while working on the show, Union had expressed concerns over racially insensitive situations during her time as a judge, including a joke guest judge Jay Leno allegedly made that was later edited out of the episode.

America's Got Talent and Gabriel Union

Moreover, Gabriel Union was also repeatedly told at America Got Talent that her hairstyles were "too black" for the show's audience. Likewise, the woman said that Simon Cowell was regularly smoking indoors in violation of state law.

Ironically, Union’s contract was not renewed after she reportedly raised her concerns about a racist and sexist culture at the show.

The producers, however, reportedly didn't react to Union's rebukes.

Following multiple reports that Union had been dismissed after complaining about hostile work environment and racially charged incidents, a number of top actresses have called out NBC while praising Union for speaking up.

The "Grey's Anatomy" star Ellen Pompeo said:

Debra Messing added:

Jameela Jamil agreeing said:

Union and her husband Dwyane Wade broke their silence on social media this week after the news surfaced on Wednesday. They thanked people for their support

Although the information has not been officially confirmed, it looks like Gabriel Union faced quite an unpleasant situation.

A healthy workplace environment is crucial for productivity, motivation and happiness. And we do hope that NBC representatives understand it and will do their best to avoid such situations in the future!

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