New Details on “Seinfeld” Actor Charles Levin’s Death: Police Couldn’t Believe His Car Made Progress On The Hard Terrain

Date November 13, 2019 13:23

In July, the world was shocked when it learned that Charles Levin, Seinfeld’s actor, had passed away. According to authorities in Oregon, the 70-year-old star was found in an “incredibly remote” area, just a few hundred feet from his car.

The dreadful discovery came after Levin’s son reported him missing after a week of not hearing from him. At the time, the police ascertained that the cause of death was accidental, ruling out any foul play or suicide.

New death details shocked the police

Recently, new reports from Oregon's Grants Pass Department of Public Safety shed more light on the events that transpired during Charles Levin’s last moments.

The police report revealed that Levin got lost in the mountainous forest area when his Orange Fiat was unable to navigate the terrain.

I would have never thought the Fiat would have been able to make any progress down this section of the roadway.

The account further indicated that since the car was unable to traverse the area, it ended up getting stuck on “mounds of earthen material."

To the police, it was shocking that the car could have been able to navigate such a rural terrain, an area that is only accessed by trucks. When the car was discovered, it showed signs that Levin had tried to free the vehicle, with the front tires showing signs of a disturbance.

In the area where Levin’s remains were found, the terrain is thorny and since GPS doesn’t work, it’s very easy to get lost. In the actor’s car, the remains of his beloved pug, Boo-Boo Bear were also found.

Fans mourned the death of Charles Levin

When news of Levin’s death and the unfortunate circumstances surrounding it first went public, his fans were devastated.

The new revelations on Levin’s death bring with them a new challenge for all of us. We should always keep in touch with our loved ones since when accidents happen, even a single day of searching can make a difference between life and death.

RIP Charles Levin. We will always love you!

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