“It Was All My Fault”: Actress Casey Wilson Blames Herself For Her 4-Year-Old Son’s Sad Diagnosis: Celiac Disease

Date November 6, 2019

Actress Casey Wilson can’t stop blaming herself for her 4-year-old son’s illness. Casey regrets doing nothing to help her child in time.

Casey Wilson reveals her son’s diagnosis

Casey Wilson is a proud mommy of two wonderful sons: Max and Henry. However, the actress confessed that at the very beginning, motherhood “shook” her a bit as she felt unprepared for this new role in her life.

Casey said:

My motherhood experience began with crippling prenatal and postpartum depression.

Casey Wilson’s eldest son Max has been diagnosed with celiac disease, a rare autoimmune disorder. The actress confessed she feels her fault for her 4-year-old son’s health issues as she suffered mentally and emotionally after giving birth.

Wilson admits:

I maintained the situation was absolutely dire and it was all my fault, that what needed fixing was me.

She added:

I am doing my best, and have always been doing my best under challenging and painful circumstances.

How is the boy doing now?

The actress also blames herself for misreading her son’s sudden mood change, which she thought was due to him not getting enough sleep.

I hated myself for the excuses my husband and I would make for our son.

After she addressed for professional help, Casey noticed that Max’s condition is getting better every day. The star noticed a drastic change in her son’s mood as well.

She proudly admits:

He is now an outwardly thriving, happy 4-year-old who is exploding with creativity and bursting with life.

We are so happy to hear that little Max is doing much better now. Wishing Casey Wilson and her wonderful family the best of luck!

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