"It Felt Exactly Right." Kaitlynn Carter Gets Candid About Falling In Love With Miley Cyrus And How The Relationship Changed Her

Date November 5, 2019

Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter began sparking romance rumors shortly after Miley announced her separation from husband Liam Hemsworth in August.

The singer and The Hills star Kaitlynn Carter were pictured kissing while vacationing in Italy. Kaitlynn had also just announced her own separation from husband Brody Jenner.

Neither Miley nor Kaitlynn confirmed they were an item at the time but things have started becoming clearer.

Kaitlynn Carter on her relationship with Miley Cyrus

In an article for Elle Magazine, Kaitlynn is revealing all about her romance with Miley and how things got started.

In the post, she talked about falling in love with "a friend" with whom she recently went on vacation. Even though she never mentioned Miley by name, it wasn't difficult piece together that she was talking about the singer.

The 31-year-old revealed that she went on a holiday with a female friend in July and ended up "in love with her." She wrote:

It wasn't quite that simple, of course. But it also wasn't very complicated, either.

She said that, before that trip, she never imagined being capable of having strong feelings for a woman the way she loved Miley.

Shortly thereafter, as my friend and I spent that August traveling through Europe together and trying to move past our respective break-ups, my first and only romance with a woman was born.

Kaitlynn added that her relationship with the famous singer blossomed naturally.

It just happened and it felt exactly right.

She admitted that her friendship with Miley was purely platonic before they took that trip but she had always "been drawn to her" in a way that was unlike how she felt for her other friends.

Miley Cyrus' point of view

The Wrecking Ball singer recently took to social media to shade her ex, Liam Hemsworth. Via her Instagram Live stream, Miley said that she thought her only option was to be gay because she thought "all men were evil."

Following her split from Liam, and subsequent breakup from Kaitlynn, Miley is now dating Cody Simpson.

It was pretty brave of Kaitlynn to open up about such a personal time in her life. Her story is a reminder that love can found anywhere as long as one is open to it. And it sounds like Miley and Kaitlynn will always have a special connection.

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