Zayn Malik's Teenage Sister Flaunts Massive Baby Bump One Month After Wedding And People Think She Made The Wrong Decision

Date November 4, 2019 10:49

People were a bit taken aback in September after it was reported that Zayn Malik's younger sister Safaa had gotten married just three days after she turned 17.

Safaa reportedly married Martin Tiser who she had been dating for a while. The traditional Nikkah ceremony took place in Bradford and the mother of the bride proudly shared snapshots from the big day.

It was reported that Zayn's father Yaser and sisters Doniya and Waliyha attended the nuptials but the famous former One Direction star wasn't present.

Zayn Malik's sister is pregnant

A little over a month after the wedding, Safaa Malik was spotted proudly rocking her baby bump proving she's pregnant at 17.

In a few social media pictures, Safaa can be seen wearing a pink fitted long-sleeved dress and had a sash around her neck which had the words "It's a baby girl" on it.

She seemed to be celebrating a pink-themed baby shower with her friends and family and the young girl happily posed for photos.

Social media reaction

If the wedding of the 17-year-old surprised many people, the pregnancy had an even stronger reaction.

A number of online users dropped comments about the young lady, many of which revolved around the fact that she's too young to be a wife and a mother.


17 is too young.


At 17 your not ready to settle down and start a family I did all this by 19 and I was too young. I'm now 37 and I look back and think maybe I should have lived a little more first.


I still feel too young to have a baby at 23. 17?! When I was 17 I was grossly immature. Ah well, everyone is different. Good luck to her.

Some also opined that she probably had to get married so soon due to the pregnancy.


Hang on. You can't find out the gender of a baby until 20 week scan, 16 weeks at a private scan and she was only married 4 weeks ago? Me thinks she may not have waited until her wedding night.


That would explain the sudden wedding.


Wow! This explains the wedding at just 17.

Nevertheless, a few commenters chose to say positive things.


So obvious but congratulations.


Shes not the first teenage girl to get pregnant and at least she is married, good luck to her.

It may not be the type of choice many teenage girls would make but Safaa seems quite happy with her decision and the glowing photos of her as she showed off her huge bump are proof that she has no regrets. In the end, people should simply wish her all the best as she and her husband begin their parenthood adventure.

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