Donald Trump Experienced "Emotional Pain" And "Fear" When Crowd Booed Him At The World Series, Says Body Language Expert

Date November 1, 2019 12:49

Donald Trump must have been expecting a standing ovation when he was announced at Game 5 of the World Series.

When the cameras cut to the President and his First Lady Melania Trump who were sitting in the stands, there was a loud and strong torrent of boos and heckling. The crowd apparently was not very thrilled by his presence and Trump looked visibly uncomfortable.

Donald Trump's body language analyzed

A body language expert, Dr. Jack Brown, analyzed the video of Donald Trump being booed and explained how he thought the president must have felt based on facial expressions and his behavior.

Donald Trump Experienced "Emotional Pain" And "Fear" When Crowd Booed Him At The World Series, Says Body Language ExpertGetty Images / Ideal Image

Dr. Brown explained that when Trump was initially called, he was in a happy mood as he stood up to give the crowd a better look at him. However, as soon as the boos began to gain momentum, his feelings changed.

The expert went on to say that based on Trump's subsequent expressions, he became embarrassed and "looks ill," implying that his pain was more physical than emotional.

Next, according to Dr. Brown, Trump's face switched into a look of disgust, repulsion, disdain, and disappointment.

The body language expert also added that Trump experienced mixed feelings of fear and disbelief.

Another snapshot showed him swallowing uncomfortable which could mean he was experiencing regret and emotional pain this time around.

Dr. Brown summarized by mentioning the emotions the president experienced when he was being booed by the crowd and based on this analysis, Trump didn't like it at all.


In general, people agreed with Dr. Brown's analysis and even commented that they noticed similar cues about how he was feeling.

They thanked the expert for his detailed explanation too.

It probably shouldn't come as a surprise that Donald Trump was not at all happy about being made fun of by the crowd. Who would? Even though he's the president, it's clear that he's still human and such a strong show of rejection by the public would hit anyone hard.

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