Charming Barron Trump Was Pictured With His Parents At Trump International, Being "Solid 2 Inches" Taller Than His Dad

Date November 26, 2019

Barron Trump is typically out of the spotlight, and seeing him with the Trump family is such a rare thing. A lot of speculations and theories have been presented about why the presidential couple's son is not a public figure.

However, when the 13-year-old appears in public, everybody is in shock over Barron Trump's height — the teen boy is much taller than his popular father, Donald Trump. See the latest pictures!

Barron Trump now

Over the weekend, Donald and Melania Trump's only child made a rare public appearance with his parents at Trump International in Washington, D.C.

Barron Trump is becoming much taller than his dad, who is 6ft ½. The 13-year-old was seen wearing an identical suit as Donald Trump, making the young boy look like his father even more.

However, Barron was snapped being somewhat uncomfortable or shy around the cameras. Even the pictures do not show him completely, as he tried to keep it calm and reserved when the cameramen approached the presidential family.

People readily took to social media to comment on Barron Trump's latest appearance, as it was hard to recognize him being so tall, handsome, and grown-up.

We are sure lots of ladies will chase Barron Trump in the future. He is becoming more and more charming and attractive, as he is a mix of both Donald and Melania. What do you think?

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