Katie's Price's 5-Year-Old Daughter Goes Barefoot Amid Mom's Money Problems, But The Actress Proudly Shows Off Expensive Designer Bags

Date November 6, 2019 15:38

Katie Price's children have made the headlines over time for a few different reasons. As such a famous actress, the mother-of-five often comes under scrutiny due to some of her parenting choices, but recently, her money problems are causing concerns.

According to the UK Mirror, Katie Price could very well declare bankruptcy in a few weeks as she's currently drowning in a lot of debt.

It was reported that Katie now finds herself in a situation where she has to pay up to $15,000 every month to various creditors after taking out an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) a year ago.

The former model, however, is facing difficulties meeting up with these debts and last month, a bankruptcy charge was laid on her West Sussex mansion.

Katie Price's daughter going barefoot

Amid these reports of money problems, Katie was spotted walking the street with her children Jett and Bunny. The family appeared to be walking their dog.

What had people confused was that Bunny wasn't wearing any shoes as they walked in the rain. In contrast with her kids, Kate proudly walked her dog while wearing a designer outfit and matching shoes.

Both kids looked super casual in comparison except for the fact that Bunny also had on a coat over her clothes.

The possibility of declaring bankruptcy hasn't stopped Katie from showing off luxury designer bags on her social media, however. A photo of her posing fabulously in front of some lavish Louis Vuitton garbs shows that she can certainly afford the best.

Mixed reactions

Many people have shared their opinions about the fact that Bunny was seen walking barefoot.

@Coma Baby believes Katie is doing her best.

She has taken great care of Harvey. No one ever asks where his father is, or if he has helped Katie financially throughout the years. She's not perfect, but I like Pricey and would love to have her as a friend. Regardless of the fact none of you like her or can see she does have a good heart.

@JB-1 expresses worry for the little girl.

Sorry but I do not think it's good for her child/children to walk with no shoes on especially now it's got colder!!!

@Maz disapproves too.

And to think,some people still think she is a wonderful mother.

@Steve commented about Katie's possible bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is a joke. Celebrities do it constantly and get maintain the high life. It's another example of the rich being looked after.

@luluwarrior slams the mom's parenting.

She always has decent clothes on but her kids are always in clothes that look too small and very dated. It should be the other way around!!!

It's quite unlikely that Katie Price has found herself in a situation where she cannot afford shoes for her daughter. And it's impossible to tell what's really going on with the concerning photo. At the end of the day, all anyone can do is speculate.

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