Charlize Theron, Who's Raising Her Male Child As A Girl, Sparks Online Outrage For Demanding Gender-Neutral Award Categories

Date November 6, 2019 13:01

Charlize Theron's kids have gotten attention for different reasons mostly in relation to how the actress parents them. She has said that she raises them in whatever gender they wish rather than what they are born as.

The mother of two once revealed to DailyMail that her oldest child who was born male preferred to be identified as a girl. The actress said she initially thought Jackson was a boy but at age three, the child told her, "I am not a boy!"

Charlize then told the publication months later that she didn't believe it was up to her to decide how her kids should present themselves to the world. In her opinion, her children would figure things out as they grow up.

Charlize Theron on gender-neutral award categories

The actress sparked another debate recently when she expressed hope that mainstream award shows would start implementing gender-neutral award categories rather than separating males from females.

While speaking at the Hollywood Film Awards in Beverly Hills, the Oscar-winning actress was asked when these types of awards would be introduced and she replied:

Let's hope soon.

The concept is already a fairly accepted one as the MTV Movie and TV Awards no longer have the Best Male and Female categories when it comes to the Best Actor prize. Also, the Grammy Awards adopted gender-neutral categories in 2012.


While some people understood Charlize's point of view in supporting genderless awards, others felt like this wasn't the way to go.

As expected, the topic led to some arguments on social media with many people sharing their different points of view.

It's normal for online users to have such strong reactions especially when big changes are discussed. People will always look at all the elements involved and wonder if these moves will make things better or worse. But in the end, it all comes down to personal convictions and feelings.

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