'Hell's Kitchen' Chef Jean-Christophe Novelli's Son May Never Speak After Surviving Cancer And Being Diagnosed With Autism

Date November 6, 2019 15:57

Celebrity chef Jean-Christophe Novelli, who's best known for his appearances on Hell's Kitchen and Culinary Genius, has been through hell and back with his baby son Valentino.

'Hell's Kitchen' Chef Jean-Christophe Novelli's Son May Never Speak After Surviving Cancer And Being Diagnosed With AutismGetty Images / Ideal Image

Little Valentino was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, an extremely aggressive form of cancer, at only 10 months. Luckily, Jean-Christophe's son was able to overcome the illness and is currently cancer free. Recently, however, Novelli found out that his son is living with autism, as he shared on Good Morning Britain:

Obviously, two weeks ago we found out the news that he is severely autistic. My wife, I don’t know how she copes. I keep saying, he’s alive. It’s another area where we don’t know how to cope.

Jean-Christophe reveals that Valentino may never speak

The French chef spoke to Hello! Magazine about his youngest son's struggles and revealed that his autism might be more severe than they'd realized.

Novelli said he and his wife Michelle Kennedy found out that 3-year-old Valentino might never speak and it's absolutely devastating:

We're having to accept that he may be non-verbal, which is very sad. He can't even say 'Mummy', which is heartbreaking.

People online sympathize with Jean-Christophe

@Le Hughes:

My son is 22 .has never spoken. 😞.. its heartbreaking... I'd give anything to hear him say mom x

@Julie Harrison:

He is an amazing little boy who has overcome so much he will communicate in his own way and get the help he needs stay strong little man xxxx

@Emma Pritchard:

I was told my son (also ASD) may never talk when he was 2. At 3 he said his first word - bubble! After years of speech therapy, he is now a very articulate and eloquent 11yr old!! Never give up hope! X

@Carol Pavitt:

He may speak one day, but the most important thing is that thankfully he survived bless him

@Jo Ann Jones:

He's still alive tho. My son is nearly 5 and has never said a word yet he's alive and well and happy that's always the main thing ❤️

@Leita Fenn:

Stay positive he is alive & has beat Cancer at a young age he is a little fighter he may never talk but I'm sure he will have a long full life xxx

It's heartbreaking to hear that Valentino has already gone through so much at such a young age. We wish the Novelli family all the strength in the world!

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