63-Year-Old NFL Star Joe Montana Undergoes High Tech Stimwave Knee Surgery

Date November 1, 2019 11:57

NFL star Joe Montana recently underwent knee surgery after living with chronic pain for years. Fans rushed to social media with supportive messages to lift up his spirits.

Health problems

Playing in the NFL is a dream come true for a lot of players. However, it comes with its own fair share of health problems. This is what San Francisco 49ers quarterback Joe Montana is going through.

More than two decades after his retirement, Joe has had about half a dozen surgeries on his knee and suffered nerve damage. He also has arthritis in his elbows, knees, and hands.

Joe Montana injury

On Wednesday, the 63-year-old had a state-of-the-art surgery on his left knee that has been disturbing him in San Jose. The procedure is called Stimwave and it is controlled with a smartphone.

Joe joking about the procedure before it started saying:

If this was another major surgical process, I probably would’ve said no. But I really think this is going to be the answer to my knee and I’m looking forward to an hour or two from now when I get done.

After two and a half hours the procedure was done. The NFL star believes that after the swelling subsides it would feel better than winning a Super Bowl.

When fans found out about Joe’s surgery, they immediately rushed to social media to support the star.

Fans send well-wishes to the legend

@Cynthia Garcia

God bless you Joe... Praying for a healthy recovery

@David Havard

Joe you are one of the GOOD GUYS! Hope you get well soon.

@Joanie Cameron

Best quarterback in 49ers history. Definitely one of the best ever. Prayers for a speedy recovery Joe.

@Connie Ball

There is hope!! Best wishes Joe and praying it works for you.

We wish the star to stay in good spirits and ask everyone to keep praying for his speedy recovery.

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