Lady Gaga Cancels Her Las Vegas Show Due To Major Health Issues: “I Feel Very Sick And Sad”

Date November 7, 2019 17:05

Where is Lady Gaga’s concert 2019? Mother Monster is hitting Las Vegas this year. The award-winning singer is performing in a brand-new odyssey at the Park Theater.

Fans will be able to see two different sides of Gaga as she will have not one but two shows, Enigma and Jazz and Piano.

However, Lady Gaga’s health forced her to cancel her first show.

Lady Gaga’s health problems

The Bad Romance hitmaker was unable to perform in her Enigma residency on Wednesday. Lady Gaga has fallen ill and had to cancel the show.

The 33-year-old revealed on her social media that she contracted a sinus infection and bronchitis that prevented her from singing.

She wrote:

I’m so devasted I can’t perform tonight for so many people who traveled to come see me. I have a sinus infection and bronchitis and feel very sick and sad. I never want to let you down.

The singer promised her loyal Little Monsters that she will make it up to them once she feels better. She continued:

I’m just to weak and ill too perform tonight. I love you little monsters I’ll make it up to you. I promise.

Fans sent their well-wishes to the sick singer

@Richard Garcia:

I would say to her- "Look Lady, your show is not more important than your health.”

@Jean Romans:

With fibromyalgia, I’ll be surprised if she’s not down for a week recovering. Bless her heart for being so dedicated to her fans.

@Alicia B. Lambino Lareau:

I hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself lady.

@Joann Battaglio-Maio:

You are human, relax, get better. It happens!

@Greg Miller:

You are every inch a Lady, and a total pro!!! Love and respect, feel better soon! Vegas is tough on sinuses, after 25 years here I know.

Lady Gaga has two more performances scheduled this week but it’s unclear whether she will cancel those, too, or not. Nonetheless, we wish her a soon recovery!

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