Tina Turner Celebrates 80th Birthday With Powerful Message: "It’s Like Having A Second Chance At Life"

Date November 27, 2019 11:03

The music legend Tina Turner turned 80 on November 26!

Tina Turner achieved massive success with her 1984 album Private Dancer. She went on to deliver more chart-topping albums and hit singles and was elected into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1991.

Tina Turner's age and health condition

The star suffered from a lot of illnesses and encountered many health problems in recent years, including battling cancer and having a kidney transplant.

She told about her birthday:

"I'm 80. What do I think? How did I think I would be at 80? Not like this."I look great. I feel good. I have gone through some very serious sicknesses that I am overcoming."It's like having a second chance at life. I am happy to be an 80-year-old."

The "Simply The Best" singer suffered a stroke in 2013 and was diagnosed with with cancer in 2016. At one point she considered assisted suicide but 63-year-old husband Erwin Bach, who she married in 2013 after a 27-year relationship, donated her one of his kidneys.

Tina Turner today

Tina Turner's husband was always there for her and supported during all the dark times.

So now the singer really appreciates her life and knows that being healthy and happy is the point of everything. Tina Turner is a practicing Buddhist and lives with her husband at their home on the lake in Zurich.

Returning to the spotlight in 2018, Turner was honored with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award (alongside other industry legends like Neil Diamond and Emmylou Harris) to open the year. A few months later, fans were treated to a showcase of her greatest hits with the opening of TINA: The Tina Turner Musical at the Aldwych Theatre in London.

People were quick to congratulate the legend:

"I’m gonna have a great day knowing it’s your birthday tomorrow it’s literally a Holiday"

"Happy Birthday Ms. Turners"

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TINA!!! ❤️ You are the BEST!!!"

"Love you Tina!!! Happy Birthday and I pray happiness and healing for you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"

We also join the rows of well-wishers!

Have a very happy birthday Tina, you're simply the best!

We wish this brilliant woman to be happy and healthy, enjoy her life to the fullest. She deserves all the best in this world. Tina put her entire heart and soul into her every song and we can't be more grateful for her talent and emotions that she shares with people all over the world.

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