Duane Chapman Shuts Down His "Death" Rumors With Hilarious Photo, Proving He's Very Much Alive

Date November 21, 2019 18:04

Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman was recently falsely reported to have died. After the reality TV star lost his beloved wife of 13 years, the bounty hunter suffered a series of health scares that eventually provoked death hoax.

On September 14, Dog was rushed to the hospital after complaints of chest pain. Moreover, Duane Chapman previously intimated that he had considered suicide after his wife Beth passed away.

Has Duane Chapman died in 2019?

According to TMZ, rumors that Duane Chapman died first appeared on Facebook and prompted a number of Chapman's fans to issue condolences.

Imagine the star's surprise when people started to send him messages and call with horror in their voice while he was heading to a gym.

Thankfully, now we can finally breathe easy.

TV bounty hunter just crushed the rumors with a hilarious photo. Taking to Instagram, Chapman shared a photo of himself holding a paper that reads "I'm Alive!" along with a copy of the newspaper for date verification.

How is Duane Chapman doing now?

He also reached to concerned fans on Twitter and said that he feeling as fit as ever.

People could not be happier to see Duan's photo and went to their social profiles to support their idol, with one user saying:

"Dog!!! We love you. Carry on, man! Beth would want it."

Another one added:

"Dang Dog is looking extra skinny. He's grieving so hard it's sad."

A third one reasonably noted:

"He just lost the love of his life, his heart is broken, leave the poor man alone!! 🙏🏻✝️😇"

Well, we are so happy to hear Dog is still with us...safe and sound! Hopefully, those fake rumors only gave him a good giggle and nothing more! He deserves respect and a little privacy to go through the darkest times of his life. That's why we love him. He inspires others and reminds people "what doesn't kill us makes us stronger"!

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