“Taste Has Cheapened Through The Years”: Wendy Williams Blasts Taylor Swift For Becoming "Artist Of The Decade" At 2019’s AMAs

Date November 26, 2019 17:49

Taylor Swift’s achievements as an artist are impressive and for the fans that have followed her fast and steady rise, she has truly come a long way from where she started. For the 10-time Grammy winner, churning out one hit song after another seems as easy as pie as she has accumulated various awards, beating both peers and veterans to the punch.

But while many are happy for Taylor Swift’s bright and shining star, not everyone is as ecstatic for the vocalist, as she has been openly criticized by notable figures in the entertainment industry.

Recently, the unapologetic Wendy Williams made news when she took issue with Swift’s big wins at 2019’s American Music Awards.

Wendy William’s latest attack on Taylor Swift’s AMA win

On Monday’s episode of The Wendy Williams Show, the talk show host had some things to say about Taylor Swift’s wins at the AMA and her words were not pleasant (at least for Swift’s fans).

Sharing her two cents, Wendy Williams expressed her confusion with how Swift had won more awards at the show than several music legends and had a special dispute with the Artist of the Decade recognition.

She won 6 awards, now she has a total of 29 awards… That sounds unbelievable, but what sounds unforgivable, she's got more awards than Michael Jackson!

Michael Jackson, the undisputed King of Pop, picked up 24 trophies in his time, which fade in comparison to Swift’s 29 awards, considering that she has a long career ahead of her.

Furthermore, Williams questioned whether Swift was better than Madonna and Prince, other notable music legends that are considered iconic.

And Artist of the Decade?! Is she who's been firing you up for the last 10 years?... I think that taste has cheapened through the years in a lot of things.

While Williams attacked Taylor Swift, she clarified that while she thinks she’s talented, she didn’t think she deserves all the glory.

Taylor Swift’s fans disagreed with Wendy Williams

William’s feud with Swift’s awards ignited a fiery debate as many fans disagreed with her harsh sentiments, demonstrating that Swift has an even larger following than Williams thought.

These comments prove that Taylor Swift commands sizeable support from music fans who appreciate her heartfelt music and originality. As a writer, singer, composer and instrument player, Swift has shown that she’s here to stay and if she collects awards on the way, it’s because she deserves them.

What do you think of Taylor Swift’s wins at the AMA? Do you agree with Wendy Williams?