Michael Strahan Wants To Split Costs For Parenting Coordinator With Ex-Wife After She Demanded $500K For Child Support

Date November 25, 2019

Good Morning America host Michael Strahan is a happy man on screen as he is easily one of the most sought-after American football experts on TV. But while the former sportsman’s career is looking up, his scuffles with ex-wife Jean Muggli have made for some juicy headlines in the recent past.

Michael Strahan’s ex-wife, the mother to their twin daughters, walked away with $15 million in their divorce settlement, a handsome sum that hurt Strahan at the tail end of his career. As a responsible dad, Strahan also complied with the order to pay $18,000, later reduced to $13,000 per month, in child support, a value that many felt was enough.

As it turns out, Strahan’s ex felt the sum was not enough as she later claimed that he owed her $500k in child support, something the former football star denied.

Michael Strahan wants to split the parenting coordinator’s payments

Recently, reports indicated that the proud dad wants to split the costs of their parenting coordinator, who has been helping them work through their conflicts.

TMZ reported that Michael Strahan is on a quest to ensure that his ex-wife covers half of the payments for the family’s helper because she is abusing the original arrangements.

Strahan claims that his ex Jean Muggli has instigated a “pattern of conduct designed to increase unnecessarily the involvement of the PC.

Her exploitative actions, according to the TV personality, have increased the costs charged by the PC substantially, something Strahan aims to change.

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As per the original arrangements, Michael Strahan had agreed to cover 90% of the coordinator’s costs, a fact that Muggli later disputed claiming that the party was biased against her. For Strahan, splitting the payments would be a big step to overcoming the alleged biases in their relation.

Fans think Michael Strahan’s ex-wife is taking advantage of him

For Strahan’s fans, his ex-wife is just taking advantage of him since she knows that after child support ends, she might be in trouble.

These sentiments reveal that as much as mothers look out for their children after divorce, there is a fine line between extortion and children’s rights.

Do you agree with the view that Michael Strahan is being squeezed by his first wife?

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