“He’s A Special Kid”: WWE’s Kurt Angle Adopted 15-Year-Old Boy Who Doesn't Speak English

Date November 4, 2019

Kurt Angle is famous as a fan favorite on WWE, where he captivated audiences with his unmatched intensity and wrestling skills. While Kurt Angle works as a general manager for RAW now, the WWE Hall of Famer is more than meets the eye, as his life as a father is equally as interesting.

Kurt, who has been married twice, has 6 children with his oldest daughter being Kyra Angle, who is 16 years old. As a wonderful father, Kurt never misses the opportunity to celebrate his children, with Kyra having appeared with him on the wrestling show ever since she was a child.

Kurt Angle has adopted a 15-year-old Bulgarian boy

The Olympic gold medalist made headlines again when he shared that they have added a new member to their family. Sharing the beautiful story behind the adoption with TMZ, Kurt revealed that after consultations with his wife, they decided to adopt the 15-year-old boy to give him a chance at a good life.

My wife decided she wanted to adopt a child, but she did some research and found out that kids over 10 don't get adopted, period. So, she decided not to get a young one, but an older one to try to give him a chance.

The adoption process for Joseph, which took them about 18 months, was worth it as when they brought him to the states, they realized he is “a special kid.”

Before he came to the U.S., Joseph was also enrolled in an English class to make his big adjustment easier.

We had him take 6 months of English classes. It worked a little bit, but he still needs a bit more work.

The adoption was an amazing experience for the parents and for Joseph, it was a great shot at a new life.

People congratulated Kurt and his family for the decision

Kurt Angle’s fans were happy for him, and they rushed to congratulate him on the adoption.

Adoption creates a big difference in the lives of orphaned and abandoned children and Kurt Angle’s decision proved that he’s not just a big man in the ring, but also out of it.

To Kurt Angle and his now bigger family, we take a humble bow and say, bravo!