Olivia Newton-John And Her Lookalike Daughter In Matching White Gowns Stun On A Magazine Cover Together

Date November 4, 2019

Olivia Newton-John and her lookalike daughter Chloe appeared together on a magazine cover. Surprisingly, but the Grease star looks more like Chloe’s elder sister rather than her mom.

Olivia Newton-John’s daughter looks just like her

Olivia Newton-John’s daughter is a lucky lady as she inherited her mom’s incredible beauty and charm. Perfect genes run in this family, that’s for sure!

Recently, Olivia and Chloe made a joint appearance on the magazine cover of Women’s Weekly. We can’t take our eyes off both ladies in spectacular matching white outfits.

But Chloe inherited not just her mom’s beauty, but her talent as well. The young lady is an actress, a singer, and a star of the reality show Rock the Cradle.

Fans couldn’t help noticing a striking resemblance between Olivia Newton-John’s daughter and the Grease star in her youth.

Fans’ comments

@ p.a.a47

Apple 🍎 doesn’t fall far from the 🌳😉❣️

@ bilsboroughmike

Like mother like daughter, the beauty definitely runs in the family, love too both of you. So glad to hear health is improving, god bless!🙏❤️

@ blueroses217871

Chloe has grown into a beautiful woman

@ instamama68

You both look radiant! Simply beautiful!

@ alwaysgrease

Aww, you both look so pretty 💗💗😍

In one of her recent interviews, Chloe commented on her mom’s ongoing cancer battle.

If anyone doesn't deserve to go through cancer, it's my mum.

Olivia feels very grateful for her daughter amid this tough period of her life. She admits that Chloe is her biggest supporter during cancer journey.

She’s always been wonderful and there for me and it’s been wonderful, because the roles have reversed and she’s helping me.

Olivia Newton-John’s daughter is a real beauty (just like her). The bond they share is truly unique. Olivia must be so proud.

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