"The Good Doctor" Star Antonia Thomas Has Talented Older Sister Who Is Also A Successful Actress

Date December 6, 2019

We might know a lot of things about The Good Doctor’s Claire but there isn’t much out and open about the actress who plays her. Antonia Thomas is a very talented woman. She is mostly known for playing Claire Browne in The Good Doctor but fans will also recognize her from Misfits and Lovesick.

Does Antonia Thomas have a look alike? Yes, she does, 2 actually. And they are all related.

Antonia Thomas’ sisters

Antonia Thomas’ character in The Good Doctor doesn’t seem to have any siblings. However, in real life, the actress is not a single child. Antonia Thomas has 2 sisters, Emma and Chloe.

Emma is the oldest one of the bunch and she is actually an actress, too. Chloe decided to follow a totally different path from her sisters and became a journalist.

Emma might not be as famous as her younger sis but she is no less talented. She has been playing in theatre since 2005 and still gets big roles on stage.

All three young women are mixed-raced with English, Welsh, Jamaican, and African roots. However, there is no information about their mother.

Antonia Thomas and Emma Jay Thomas are fiercely private about their personal lives but luckily, they are avid social media users. According to Instagram, Emma is a proud mom of a handsome boy.

As for Antonia, the 33-year-old has reportedly been dating photographer Michael Shelford since last year.

Michael has a big presence on Antonia’s social media, yet the couple hasn’t made it official yet. Judging by how many celebrities got engaged this year, the wedding bells might not be too far away.