What A Twist! 'NCIS' Welcomes 'General Hospital' Star Lisa LoCicero As A Girlfriend Of One Of The Major Characters

Date November 13, 2019

NCIS welcomed a new member to their big and friendly family. General Hospital star Lisa LoCicero joined the NCIS cast as a girlfriend of one of the major characters.

Welcome on board for ‘NCIS’ season 17!

If you are as a huge fan of NCIS as we are, you’ve probably got used to multiple unexpected twists from the show creators. Here comes another one!

It was confirmed that General Hospital star Lisa LoCicero would join NCIS in a very unexpected role. She plays a girlfriend of one of the main characters.

The introduction of Lisa’s character came when Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) said he was seeing someone new. What a twist!

Lisa LoCicero revealed the news on her Instagram when shared a picture with the NCIS cast member.

Lisa captioned the post:

NCIS Do I survive? Did I kill anyone..? Only @wilmervalderrama knows..

When fans found out about her new role in NCIS, they rushed to social media to congratulate the actress.

Fans go crazy about the news

@ thekeepitco

Omg omg omg I love it that you are on NCIS goooooooood luck❣️❤️❣️

@ lindsey.lisa

Wait what? My favorite soap merges with my favorite nighttime drama? Love it!!!

@ teamhopebb

I love you on GH!! As our Olivia 💙💜💙

@ yorkkelsie1993

You look beautiful I can't wait to see this

NCIS is not stopping to surprise its multiple fans. That’s why so many people love and watch the series for all these years. Are you happy that Lisa LoCicero joined the cast?

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