‘The Good Doctor’s Producer Daniel Dae Kim Felt Nervous When Decided To Star In The Series In A Leading Role

Date December 9, 2019

Multiple fans of the medical series The Good Doctor were over the moon when actor Daniel Dae Kim, who is an executive producer of the show, decided to join the cast in a surprising role. What did influence Daniel’s decision? Let’s find out.

From a rising star to an A-list TV actor

Daniel Dae Kim made his name for himself as one of the most popular A-list TV actors on American television.

Daniel’s breakthrough came when he got his first grand role in the iconic series Lost. Kim was one of the few actors who remained in the sci-fi show for all six seasons.

After the Lost success, Daniel Dae Kim got another significant role in the people’s favorite series Hawaii Five-o. Kim was one of the main cast members for seven seasons. In 2017, the producers saddened fans when announced that Daniel was leaving the series.

According to reports, Daniel Dae Kim’s departure from Hawaii Five-o resulted in an inability to reach an agreement on salary with the CBS bosses.

Daniel Dae Kim: ‘The Good Doctor’

The talented and well-recognized Daniel Dae Kim didn’t stay without a job for long. Another breakthrough in the actor’s career came when he became one of the executive producers of the popular series The Good Doctor.

Season 2 of The Good Doctor surprised fans with another twist. Daniel Dae Kim decided to star in the series and joined the cast in the role of Dr. Jackson Han.

Why did Daniel decide to change the roles? The actor explained that the series creators wanted it “to be organic to the show”.

He said:

If it moved the storyline forward in some way or presented an interesting option for the character then we thought that’s when we’ll do it.

Kim added:

It happened to fit my schedule availability-wise and there was a natural storyline.

Feeling nervous about the new role

Despite his work as an executive producer of the show and his previous huge acting experience, Daniel Dae Kim confessed he felt a bit nervous about his new role in The Good Doctor.

He said:

I wanted to be a good scene partner to all my fellow actors and people that I’d known in a producing capacity… Because of that, I felt a little bit more butterflies in my stomach than I expected.

In our opinion, The Good Doctor had only benefited when Daniel Dae Kim joined its cast. Hope to see him in the upcoming seasons too. And what do you think?

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