Who Will Be The Next James Bond? Film Producer Confirms It Won't Be A Woman And People Send Their Suggestions

Date February 3, 2020

A trailer for the new James Bond film was released last month. It’s bittersweet news for many Bondiana fans as Daniel Craig revealed that it was the last time he portrayed Agent 007.

Now the movie producers Barbara Broccoli and her half-brother Michael G. Wilson need to find a new actor who will continue playing the iconic character. So who will be the next James Bond?

Who will play James Bond in a new movie?

Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson had an interview with Variety where they discussed the past and the future of Bondiana films.

Unsurprisingly, Broccoli was asked a question that she probably has heard a million times already – who will play James Bond in a new movie?

She hasn’t named any names yet but there is something she is certain about when it comes to the character. Barbara said:

He can be of any color, but he is male.

She also added that the actor definitely needs to be British or be very good at pretending to be one. She added:

You think of him as being from Britain or the Commonwealth, but Britain is a very diverse place.

Bondiana fans sent over their suggestions for the next candidate:

Here’re our top 5 next James Bond candidates

We think these three actors will be great at tackling this physically-challenging role:

1.Sam Heughan

Heughan can remind us what the Scottish James Bond sounded like.

2. Idris Elba

There’s hardly anyone who is more confident and smooth than Elba.

3. Henry Cavill

Superman himself definitely has the right physique for the part.

4. Mark Strong

In the whole James Bond history, there has never been a bold Agent 007 - maybe it's time to have one now?

5. Jonah Hill

Yes, we know, it's quite an unconventional choice but James Bond can promote body positivity, too, right?

Henry Cavill has just commented on the rumors

In a brand new interview for Men’s Health magazine, Henry Cavill addresses the rumors about him being the next James Bond.

Cavill hasn’t been cast yet but he noted that he wouldn’t mind playing the next Agent 007. He said:

I very much love the character, and I am very much not walking away from it. There are no conversations just yet, but we’ll see what happens. It would be a great, fun role to play.

And we would love to see him doing it! There have been many rumors surrounding the role but whoever gets to play it next will definitely win a golden ticket. The actors who played James Bond are a part of the history now but each of them had brought a new dynamic to the character so it would be very exciting to see who will become the new 007. Who do you think should replace Daniel Craig?

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