Ray Romano's Back To The Sitcom Wonderland In 'One Day At A Time' Season 4 & Fans Are Superbly Excited!

Date January 30, 2020

Ray Romano is superbly famous for his show Everybody Loves Raymond, which portrays the life of an Italian-American everyman living with his wife and daughter and twins sons on Long Island.

The stand-up comic received a global recognition thanks to the TV show. Ray Romano even won numerous awards for his incredible role, such as:

  • Funniest Male Performer in a Television Series (Leading Role) -- three times;
  • Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series;
  • Outstanding Comedy Series -- twice;
  • Best Male Actor in a Television Series;
  • Favorite Male Television Performer -- three times;
  • Favorite Male Television Star.

Ray Romano TV shows

The 62-year-old just made people's day better by announcing his appearance in One Day at a Time. Romano will be a guest star in season 4, marking his reunion with Everybody Loves Raymond executive produce, Mike Royce.

One Day at a Time's season 4 kicks off on March 24. According to Ray's official character description, he will play a "2020 U.S. Census taker who comes to the Alvarez household to interview the family," named Brian.

The actor's fans couldn't be happier to hear such news


Omg can’t freaking wait😍


I'm so excited, glad the show is back


I've been waiting for this..👏


Just casually Ray freaking Romano is on the show


I’m about to cry. 😭

Ray Romano's co-stars today

Not only the stand-up comedian returned to the sitcom wonderland, but his Everybody Loves Raymon's co-star, Patricia Heaton, also came back to the roots.

Heaton admitted she felt scary to start a multi-cam sitcom titled Carol’s Second Act about a 50-year-old divorcée who embarks on a new career in medicine.

Being back in front of a studio audience after nine years is scary. I’m having an actor’s nightmares of not knowing my lines. It feels very new.

The Hollywood actress wanted to be sure she was making the right decision so that she called her former on-screen husband, Ray Romano, to ask for any advice. He boldly replied:

She knew she was going to be the ‘me’ of this show. It uses what she’s going through personally, kind of like when I did Men of a Certain Age and Raymond. This show is going to represent her, and she wants to make sure she gets it right. She’s a strong-willed person, and if something was not right in a script [on Raymond], we’d talk about it and fix it.

What news! Both Ray Romano and his former fellow colleague Patricia Heaton are back to sitcom shows. It's understandable why fans are so thrilled and can't stop discussing their returns on social media. Both actors are successful and widespread across the globe, so it's time to make popcorn, take all the will, and watch One Day at a Time's season 4 and Carol’s Second Act!

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