Could Be The End Of An Era: 'Days Of Our Lives' Goes On Indefinite Hiatus As Entire Cast Is Released From Their Contracts

Date November 13, 2019

People have followed Days Of Our Lives cast since the show began airing in November 1965.

This iconic TV show has broken many grounds and is known as one of the longest-running scripted television programs in the world. Since its premiere, the show has aired nearly every weekend.

Created by a husband-and-wife team Ted and Betty Corday, the soap opera helped several cast members become household names thanks to their unforgettable roles. Examples include Kristian Alfonso (who plays Hope Brady). Matthew Ashford (Jack Deveraux), Diedre Hall (Dr. Marlena Evans) and many more.

Could Be The End Of An Era: 'Days Of Our Lives' Goes On Indefinite Hiatus As Entire Cast Is Released From Their ContractsGetty Images / Ideal Image

End of an era?

Recent updates about Days Of Our Lives have cast wondering if the show will be coming to an end

According to TMZ, producers of the soap opera have released the entire cast of the show from their deals which means they are now free to get new jobs.

The NBC show which is about to kick off its 55th season is reportedly to be going on indefinite hiatus which means that there are a lot of uncertainties about whether or not it will return.

It was reported that in 2020, the network will decide whether or not to bring back the show for season 56. However, fans can be assured that there are still enough episodes already shot so there will be plenty to watch even after the production is halted at the end of November.


Many people have fallen in love with this TV series over the years so it makes sense that some are worried about the possibility of it coming to an end.

Fans, however, are hoping that things turn around for the best and the show comes back swinging.

For a soap opera that has been around for over five decades, it's no surprise that it has captured the hearts of millions of people across generations. While these new reports may be concerning, the good news is that NBC hasn't officially announced its cancellation. So there's still hope.

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