After 7 Years Of Marriage, Woman Decided To Come Out To Her Husband But She Didn't Expect His Reaction!

Date October 30, 2018 18:05

Straight Spouse Network statistics acknowledge that up to 2 million homosexual individuals have been/are in the heterosexual marriage in the USA. They also conceded that roughly 80% of mixed-orientation marriages end up in divorce. 

Ordinarily, gays or lesbians choose heterosexually marriage due to the community's pressure, stigma, fulfilling traditional expectations, produce children, and so forth. But surely, some couples still don't care about the community and create homosexual marriage. 

To be or not to be?

Christine and Joe met 7 years ago, and had a beautiful wedding, lived the American dream, and gave birth to 2 amazing children. Chris Tringali was over the moon, and everything went smoothly. 

I was really, really happy. Joe always made me feel absolutely loved, and we absolutely trusted each other.

Notwithstanding the delight and idyll, Chris had her "oh no moment" when she realized she was into women. She kept her secret for 2 years being freighted to come out. 

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Later, Chris confessed to herself she was lesbian after getting pregnant with a baby girl, who tragically was stillborn.

It was the worst thing to ever happen. I thought perhaps I'm being punished because I'm internally betraying my husband and my family. That was the moment when I really knew I have to be an authentic person, and I have to tell the truth, as painful as it's going to be.

She finally came out to Joe, and he was very supportive at first. He promised they'd get through this moment together and everything would be all right. 

The couple slept in separate rooms and were more like best friends rather than husband and wife.

Joe went from very understanding to angry as we do [when] we go through the feelings of grief.

Though they divorced, Joe later confessed that he'd be gay as well. Oh, Lord! Chris told that she'd suspected him and thought he'd come out first. 

Well, that's quite odd but unexpected! 


Chris decided to attend The Oprah Show one more time, where she claimed she got married to a woman, Jacki. Though Chris felt insecure in the beginning, her partner decided to change the gender. 

I started looking into transgender. In the eyes of the courts, if I were to have my gender changed to male, just like that, she gets my Social Security, she gets my pension.

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In 2013, Jacki "she" became Jacki "he." They legally got married in California, and are now happy with each other's choice.

I was so overwhelmed that somebody would do such a thing. It was the biggest act of love anyone’s ever done for me.

Well, it sounds a bit tough, but it's up to everyone to be who they want to be, right?

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