Last Wish Fulfilled: Woman Married Her Cancer-Stricken Late Sister's Hubby & Became A Mom To Their Kids

Date July 5, 2019 11:10

Marrying your sibling's spouse can be considered a taboo. But it is more common than you think. It is a measure of great security and of course, unconditional sacrifice.

In many cases, one brother takes the responsibility of another brother's widow. It is convenient for many families as the woman's plight is minimized in this arrangement. The grieving wife gets a partner and a father figure of her children. She doesn't have to revert her surname or change in-laws. This phenomenon can also be found among sisters.

A dying wish fulfilled

Colleen and Jackie DeVita were born a year apart but the sisters never felt that gap. When the older one fell ill and became prey of brain cancer, a worry of her three kids consumed her. Jackie couldn't imagine her children in the custody of a stranger. So, she made a final request to her baby sister.

While in hospital, Jackie took off her wedding ring and ordered Colleen to wear it. It was an official transfer of her position as a wife to her husband and a mother to her little ones. She refused it as it was against the respect Collen had for Jackie in her heart. When she died, something happened after 3-months.

Colleen made Jackie's soul happy

She ultimately married Jackie's husband, Richard who happens to be a multi-millionaire dentist. It was for the sake of their kids who already saw Colleen as their mother. The family now live in a ranch in Venice, Florida, that was Jackie’s labor of love and is still adorned with mementos of her.

Colleen said: "I think we have her blessing" and it couldn't be more obvious. It would've been very heartbreaking for Jackie but, it made her rest in more peace than leaving her home to an unknown woman.