Single Mother-Of-Three From Indianapolis Has Been Living "Rent Free" In A House For 9 Years

Date June 27, 2019 11:47

The citizens of the United States Of America often complain of property rates. They find them simply unaffordable. However, looking back at history, they have been dropped too. This time, fluctuations equipped some people to rise above the tide.


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Half of the US was affected by a real estate bubble that had made the cost to peak in early 2006. Ever since then, the overpriced housing has only declined. On December 30, 2008, the largest price slide was recorded in American history. It was indeed a major culprit in initiating 2007–2009 recession.


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Living for free

As reported by CBS: This Morning, a woman from Indianapolis has been living rent-free in a house with her three kids. She has not paid even a single penny for nearly a decade. How did she make it happen?

Lisa Hardy was offered by her real estate company to reside on an abandoned property. She couldn't refuse when they said to find a forgotten home and move in it while they owned it. That firm was sued and shut down forever.

So, now there was no time limit for her family's stay. It was really a wonderful stroke of luck, and she just feels thankful every day. Hardy just kept paying the utilities. Though a Singapore organization has claimed it, they still want her to occupy the space.

People have mixed opinions

Some of the social media users are happy for Lisa's family. Others are skeptical and consider it to be theft.

Single Mother-Of-Three From Indianapolis Has Been Living "Rent Free" In A House For 9 YearsIndyStar / Facebook

Do you think it's really social justice to people who find housing expensive? Or it was an immoral and unethical approach by living tax-free? Share this and let us know.