Father Lets His Little Daughter Play With A 13-Feet Long Python: How Can It Not Be Dangerous?

Date June 14, 2019

The idea of domesticating exotic animals is rounding for a very long time. People try to show dominance by keeping wild ones as pets in their house. It's a perfect display of human power. But, could there be more to it? Preference or otherwise?


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For whatever reason people do so, it is still risky to have jungle beasts roaming in your home. Conventionally, dogs, cats, birds, and horses make the cut while receiving special treatment from humans.

They are cute and manageable, but even with them, there are certain hazards. Imagine the danger of the untamables!


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Toddler playing with python

Seeing a 13-feet long Burmese python slithering over the baby will be a nightmare for most parents. But for Michigan-based snake handler Jamie Guarino, it’s simply an expression of affection from a beloved family pet.


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He was totally unbothered while filming his then 14-months-old daughter Alyssa with his ten-year-old snake Nay-Nay. According to Jamie, his little one is quite safe and people are hysteric in vain.


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How can he say that? There are absolute chances that a snake can strangle Alyssa and break her tiny bones in a matter of minutes. Choking, biting and other health concerns are also very much possible.

Jamie did make a point though. He mentions that there are 95% more dog attacks than snakes. The family's ultimate goal is to open a zoo for such bad reputed creatures.

The bold father believes that this interaction with savage being will help his kids overcome their fears. His daughter will be more open to new challenges and perspectives and wouldn't dwell on commonly shared negativity.

He even instructed people to behave well around snakes. 

Do you this his approach is sensible? Or he is just going too far while proving himself right? Share this and let us know if you support his ideology or not.