'Ewww! Please Roast' Rude Girl Was Slammed After She Ring Shamed Her Boyfriend Before Proposal

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November 13, 2018 19:37 By Fabiosa

Shaming for anything is wrong on all moral grounds. It's commonly taught that if you don't like something, either say it politely or make peace with it.  It's better to lose a thing than a person!

Many brides-to-be proudly share their ringed fingers upon engagements. Sadly, some people come up to ruin their precious moment. Debating their choice, doubting maybe it should have been pear-shaped, or emerald-cut or round. Nah, everyone would agree to a diamond or a sapphire. Maybe it didn't need any rock at all. The comments become more curious and personal like; Is your band gold or silver? Platinum or pavé? 

Each person has their own different vision for their dream ring and of course, the partner. But the following case has reversed the matter. The subjected girl is actually fishing for critiques.

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Girl slammed for ring shaming her boyfriend

The girl found a ring by her boyfriend's nightstand and posted it to a ring shaming group. Yes, that's a thing: a private group that people join to talk trash about engagement rings they don't like. She showed her absolute disgust of it for not being up to her taste. Her insensitive take on the situation was quite obvious when she asked members to give her ideas on how to reject it.

She posted her future engagement ring in a ring-shaming group. from r/Nicegirls

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That instant, the internet took her to task for being this rude. Their reactions were against the girl when they smartly gave very direct opinions. Some even said, the girl doesn't need something different but the guy does. Rings can be upgraded, shallowness can't. Savage!

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Ring shaming groups

It has actually become a trend where groups are maintained on social media solely to roast engagement rings of other people or their own. This manipulative sport is totally missing the point. Jeweler, Hake revealed to Valley News who was brought in where the guy's fiance was ring shamed:

They put their heart and soul into it so it's really sad to see that happened.

The substance of marriage is more important than the shell. Share this, so that more people can realize this!

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