Woman Absurdly Alerted The Police When She Witnessed A Black Babysitter With White Kids

Date October 11, 2018 09:45

People calling out police according to their personal sense of offenses is not new. As America is getting more and more diversified, cultural differences are creating complications. Racism may be denied in these incidents but its obvious that the accusations were utterly baseless. Read on to find the null and void concern of people!

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Cases of false suspicion 

The police were called on black family for absolutely no reason. They were having a cookout in Oakland when the natives complained and claimed it was illegal for them to use a charcoal grill in that particular area of the park.

Another case happened when an elderly white woman called the cops on a Hispanic mother who was sitting in a car with her sleeping baby. The white lady excused that she was concerned about the baby's safety.

These situations had gone viral, raising questions and stirring rage among people. But the next story is absurd beyond reason!

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A woman called on the black babysitter

Parents, Dana Mango, and David Parker had sent their 10-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son with the babysitter Corey Lewis to Walmart. In the parking lot, a white woman started asking the girl if she is okay, to which Corey cleared that she is. 

Later, the 28-year-old woman noted the car's plate number. When Corey and the kids got home, so did the white lady with a car of cops with her. When his identity was confirmed by the parents, the lady was left embarrassed and the police apologized to Mr. Lewis. They remarked that he was actually a very courteous guy.


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People reactions

Wow, that escalated quickly. A dark-skinned man is always thought to be a criminal, this is the cloudiness of our judgment!

Would you have seen the man differently or panicked in the same way? Please share and leave your comments!

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