Girl Claims Her Mother's Cancer Is A Sham To Get Money & Attention: "I Can't Let My Mom Lie Like This"

Date June 21, 2019 17:42

A woman named Patricia claimed she had 17 strokes, had flatlined twice and suffered from stage III brain cancer. Unbelievably, she says her face was removed and put back. After all these health complications, she managed to be a heavy lifter.

Her daughter pledges to unmask her

Dr. Phil was contacted by her daughter, Jessica so she can make her mom face reality. The girl declared her mom to be a fraud who is only faking her different deadly illnesses to get donations and fame. 

It was found in the reports that she did have brain surgery but, it was only to remove a clot. A week later, she was able to enjoy coffee with her girl. 


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On her social media channels, Patricia had fooled people to believe that she had lost 100 lbs during 6 days of hospitalization. She was confronted about it and Dr. Phil asked her how is that even possible? When faced with these accusations, Patricia felt annoyed.

Her daughter also felt guilty after bringing down her mom. She explained to her: 

I care about you and I do love you. But, I'm not going to just sit and play cancer charades with you.

People's reaction

The Twitterverse was appalled to hear this case. Some real cancer survivors were really offended by Patricia's fraud. 

It is also possible that the brain stroke made her live in an alternative state of mind. Other than that, there no way to justify Patricia's insensitive sham. Her daughter did a good job to at least aware us of such deceits.