2ft Tall Amanda And 6ft High Steven Make An Unlikely Couple But They Are Beating The Odds, One Day At A Time

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September 25, 2018 13:26 By Fabiosa

Osteogenesis Imperfecta is a relatively rare condition in which the person affected has a genetic defect that prevents the body from making strong bones. According to OrthoInfo, people with this disease usually have a lot of bone breakage which also includes fractures. 

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Amanda found love in spite of Osteoporosis Imperfecta

Amanda Fyfe was born with this disease which caused a stunt in her growth at just 2ft 8in. However, she has found love in Steven who towers above her at 6ft 1in. The UK Mirror quotes Amanda saying that when she was younger, she didn't think she was going to be able to have a family.

According to her, when she was born, doctors thought she would not live through the night, yet she defied all expectations.

Amanda who has been in a wheelchair since she was 5 was walked down the aisle in a wedding ceremony that had her parents and well-wishers present.

Speaking about her husband, Steven, she opened up about how she didn't really like him when they first met. In fact, she was a little irritated because he was really sarcastic, and then there was the age difference between them of 6 years.

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Today, Amanda is a mother of one, amidst all odds.

Amanda tells the UK Express that she was told not to try having children because the pregnancy could possibly kill her or the baby. When she made the decision to have the baby, she was told of the possibility that the child could have her condition. However, the brave mother accepted the risks and was determined to go through with it.

Constantly, during the pregnancy, she had to go for checkups and when it was time, her child was born via cesarean section a month before term. Today, he is developing just as fine as any other child. Aidan was not born with her condition and is fast gaining in on her terms of height.

It is not all rosy though, as she says there are a couple of challenges along the way, but all are nothing she can't work around. For example, she cannot walk Aidan, and Steven always had to put Aidan to bed and bring him to her the next morning. She was also told that she could not produce enough breast milk for her child, so she had to bottle feed. 

Asides that, her family is perfect.

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