Lucie Arnaz Says She Wished Her Mom Was More Involved In Her Childhood

Date September 14, 2018 19:56

Have you ever wondered what growing up is like for kids of famous people? Well, there’s no need to wonder, an insight into the life of a Hollywood star should give you an idea of what that is like.

What was Lucie Arnaz's childhood like?

Lucie Désirée Arnaz is an American actress, singer, and producer. Lucie’s mother, Lucille, was a popular comedy actress back in the day, and her father, Desi, was also a well-known bandleader who later became the head of Desilu Productions and began promoting his wife’s shows.

Growing up, Lucie didn’t really have the opportunity of getting close to her mother, because she was hardly around. Apparently, Lucille was a career woman who chose her job over family, but Lucie decided not to be like her parents at all. According to Closer, Lucie stated that she wished her mother would have been more involved during her childhood.

Lucie Arnaz on fame and family

Going into the entertainment industry, Lucie decided that she didn’t want the fame at all, rather she just to enjoy the fun of show business, as reported by Courier. And seeing what being famous did to her parents and how it affected her growing up, she decided that parenting would be her greatest job.

Lucie puts her family before fame and she has a beautiful relationship with her kids, the kind she never had with her own parents. Even though her kids are all grownups now, she mentioned how they still always need her and how she enjoys that feeling.

Lucie Arnaz is happily married

Lucie met Laurence Luckinbill, (who happened to be her second husband) on Broadway. They were both starring in two separate plays and got married after a courtship of less than a year. She was 28, while Luckinbill was 45 when they tied the knot on June 22, 1980, and it was after their first failed marriages. Lucie’s father said he’ll never get tired of giving out her hand in marriage until she finds the right one, but Lucie said Luckinbill is her final destination; seems it was a good decision, after all as they’re still together.

The couple has five children in all; two from Luckinbill’s previous marriage and their own three kids. Lucie is close to all of them.

On making her choice to family over the fame, she has a sweet mother-daughter relationship with her daughter Katherine, the kind she was denied by her own mother.