Western Sydney Woman Gave Birth To 12.6 Lbs Baby Boy: "Hopefully He Will Be A Bit Of A Football Player"

Date November 8, 2018

Giving birth to a baby with enormous weight isn't something prevalent. According to scholars, the average baby weighs around 7.5 pounds (3,400 kg). However, it is normal to deliver a baby with 5.5 (2,495) and 10 pounds (4,535 kg) as well.

Mothers are usually worried if their kid weight's too low or too high, though there's nothing to worry about. Usually, infant's weight depends on many factors such as genetics, mother's diet during pregnancy, maternal age, prenatal health, etc.

Big baby boy

A western Sydney mother, Nikki Bell, 28, has gotten a joy of 5.755 kg (12.6 lbs). A young couple, Nikki and Parker think that their newborn son, Parker, is enormous but not in a negative way.

Though the baby was considered as the heaviest one at Blackwood Hospital, Sydney, the parents are excited to have the second one, except for their daughter, Maddison.

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Nikki claimed that every pregnancy is hard, and she made the same efforts as any other mom out there.

I’m sure all births hurt, whether it’s 1.7kg of 5.7kg — they all hurt.

The mother is thrilled to have her first son and hopes Parker will be remarkable not only with unusual weight but also height.

Hopefully he will be a bit of a football player, maybe a front rower, that’ll keep his dad happy.

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We also hope that little boy Parker will become a football or any sport-like player.

Not the one

After hospital posted the photo of Parker on their Blacktown Midwifery Group’s Facebook page, a lot of people started comparing their own children with a 'future footballer'.

There are also super-exciting stories about women giving birth to enormous babies. One such situation happened in Russia where a mother delivered a son weighing 13,14 lbs (5,960 kg). The core point is that the woman gave birth at home without any painkillers. Impressive, huh?

But wait for a second. There's even bigger one!

New Zealander woman gave birth to a twice average weight baby - 16, 4 lbs (7.39kg). Notably, it was hard for her: she couldn't bend over. The doctors, undoubtedly, made a cesarean section to ease this pain.

Western Sydney Woman Gave Birth To 12.6 Lbs Baby Boy: "Hopefully He Will Be A Bit Of A Football Player"riggleton /

When we read such extraordinary stories, it's always difficult to believe in them, but yeah, miracles do happen!

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