The State Declared These Parents Too Dumb To Raise Kids And Takes Legal Custody Of Their Children

Date September 21, 2018 14:04

You now need brains to have kids. Who would have thought! The IQ score of most people is between 85 and 115. Well, the time has come when the government can judge your parenting by your IQ. 

What does having a low IQ means for parents?

Whether you are a genius or an average joe, parenting is a whole new journey for anyone. No parent is perfect, regardless of how smart they are.

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The thing is, it really doesn't matter. The minute the caring nurses and everybody leaves, and the mother is alone with her baby. She wonders, 'How am I gonna do this? Am I ready to raise this beautiful being?'

So, high IQ or low IQ, all parents have to make difficult choices to raise their kids. As no one has built-in parenting guide.

Not smart enough to raise their two kids

As heartbreaking as it sounds, these parents with intellectual disabilities lost custody of their children. They had never harmed them, endangered them or neglected them at all.

Unfortunately, they were said to be not smart enough to raise their boys. They were miserable and had to rush to lawyers. They had to prove to child welfare authorities they are worthy of being parents.

Amy Fabbrini and Eric Ziegler fought for four years to regain custody of Christopher and Hunter. As Amy told InsideEdition:

I don't think that IQ has anything to do with raising your kids.The only thing that matters... is that you love them dearly , you're able to support them and that you're just there for them and their needs.And I can do that.

Sadly, they are not alone, many mentally disabled parents lose their dear kids to the government. They live their lives deprived of love and true care of their families.

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Happy ending

After years of legal struggle, a kind judge determined that this couple can parent both their boys. According to OregonLive, the father had shown diplomas and licenses to the jury. The mother even had to take workshops.

In the end, they rose against all odds and won their amazing kids back. They are undoubtedly capable as the most parents. They went through the trauma of separation.

Their story was indeed tragic and somehow unjust. Please share and comment your opinions below!

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