This Couple Adopted A Baby After Struggling With Infertility For Years, Only To Concieve A Few Months Later

Date May 14, 2018 15:10

There are many medical reasons to why a couple can't get pregnant. But what if even doctors can't give you any diagnosis? This is called unexplained infertility, and it's actually a good thing. In this case, some factors that influence inability to conceive with a partner can diminish with time. 

There are countless stories of couple adopting their first baby and then, after a few years, finally getting pregnant. Hope is never lost, and here's one of such happy families.

Road to a complete family

Dan and Kerstin Lindquist knew they were meant to be together and have kids immediately after they started dating. The couple even had names for their future kids by the end of the second date. Little did they know about the obstacles they would have to overcome.

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The first pregnancy happened very quickly, but so did Kerstin's miscarriage. She was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. After many attempts to conceive, the couple tried in vitro, but it didn't work as well.

Dead set on having children, Dan and Kerstin turned to adoption and soon after welcomed their first daughter, Grace. Finally having a baby girl in the family didn't stop Kerstin from trying to conceive a baby on her own.

Just a few months after receiving the news about Grace's mom choosing the Lindquist family, Kerstin got pregnant with the last remaining embryo. Georgia was born five months after Grace.

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Despite having two daughters already, Dan and Kerstin still felt incomplete. They always talked about having a boy and a girl, so they turned to adoption again.

Little Ben joined the Lindquist family two years after Grace and Georgia's births. Dan and Kerstin finally fulfilled their life's dream.

When you look down the barrel of ‘I'm never going to be a parent’, and then all of a sudden you have one, you have two, you have three, you savor every single thing. We’re so grateful for everything that comes with that.

The Lindquist family is a perfect example that no one should ever give up on their dream of having kids. When the time's right, it will happen.

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