Deployed Husband Couldn't Be At Wife’s Maternity Photo Shoot, So She Came Up With A Touching Idea

Date August 22, 2018

Maintaining a strong and close relationship is hard for military people. When it comes to choosing between family and duty, they don't have much choice and are obligated to continue with their service, even if it means missing a milestone in their personal life. In our day and age, it's easier to keep in contact, and one couple showed how anyone can use the technological advantages to the max.

Together but apart

A Homestead military couple, Brandon and Veronica Phillips, were happy to find out they were expecting, but Brandon was deployed overseas just a few months into his wife's pregnancy.

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Veronica knew she would have to give birth to their child alone, but she was more heartbroken for Brandon, since he wasn't going to be able to experience this miracle with her. As father-to-be told CBS Miami:

I’m not going to be there when he’s born. I’m not going to be able to cut the cord. I’m not going to hear his first scream. I wasn’t there the whole time to talk to him or deal with feeling him kick.

Understandably upset by the situation they were in, at first, Veronica decided against having a maternity photoshoot, if it meant Brandon couldn't be there. But he insisted she did it, because whether he was with her or not, it was the memory he wanted her to cherish forever.

Luckily, Veronica chose the photographer who had an amazing idea of how to incorporate Brandon into the pictures by using Photoshop. Jennifer McMahon did the impossible by combining Veronica and Brandon's photos, which made it look like they were together, despite being miles apart.

It was a miracle for Veronica. She was beyond happy with the result, because she could feel Brandon with her:

Even though there’s distance between us, he’s closer. I mean, that’s what I see. He’s there in spirit.

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The honest photos showing the reality of military men went viral as people were touched by Veronica and Brandon's situation. McMahon explained their popularity:

Unfortunately, he won’t be able to touch her pregnant belly or see his son until after he’s born, so it really meant a lot to people and to them to show that he was there.

Luckily, when Brandon safely returned home, Veronica was waiting for him with their newborn. And actual photos of the dad with his baby turned out incredibly adorable.

The trend is born

Another military couple, Nicole and Wesley Bedwell, also found a photographer who was able to make their dream a reality. Traci Fugitt also used Photoshop to bring the couple together, and was able to include Wesley in her wife's maternity photoshoot.

It's so wonderful to know that despite being thousands of miles apart, these couples can still create beautiful memories together and be there for each other during the most important moments.

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