Magic Of Love: Adorable Down Syndrome Couple Got Married In A Fairytale Wedding Of Their Dreams

Date August 30, 2018

There are many benefits of marriage and partnership for people living with Down syndrome. According to the specialist Roy Brown, a relationship of a Down syndrome couple can help both parties develop deeper social skills and encourage their personal development. They can share interests and learn new things about this world together, which elevates their emotional journey.

For this particular reason, we celebrate Down syndrome couples who found each other, and turn our attention to Polly and Joe and their fairytale wedding.

The beautiful celebration of love

Polly and Joe met in 2009 when they were college students. According to Polly, their attraction was instant and they started dating shortly after.

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The couple's love grew strong and deep. Their families were extremely supportive, which is why Polly and Joe got engaged in front of their relatives during their 5-year anniversary party in 2014.

Polly's mom was over the moon about the happy news, as she believes they make each other better:

Together, they are stronger as their strengths and weaknesses help the other. They have a complete and full relationship, and are completely comfortable with each other in every situation.

The happy couple took a long time to plan their fairytale wedding, as they wanted it to be as special as possible. Polly and Joe decided to go for a festival theme in hopes that their 200 guests would be excited to attend.

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The venue looked very fun and gorgeous with many colored balloons and flower arrangements. Polly shared her thoughts on her special day:

The main things that made our wedding different are that we both have Down’s Syndrome. Also, we had a unicorn throne to sit on which was the most amazing talking point of the day! We also had the Rat Pack Boys as singing waiters, and they brought the house down with their antics. We had a family band in the afternoon, which got the whole thing going too – everyone dancing, chatting, and having a good time.

The celebration of Polly and Joe's love was full of laughter, dancing, and, most importantly, love. 

We wish Polly and Joe all the best and hope they live a happy and fulfilling life together!

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