No Escape: After Being Abducted And Enslaved For 8 Years, She Now Owns The Torture House She Was Kept In

Date September 12, 2018 15:48

Story of Natascha Kampusch's abduction seems like something straight from the Hollywood movie, but it was a real nightmare this young girl had to live through.

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Natascha was abducted by Wolfgang Priklopil when she was only 10 years old. The girl spent 8 horrifying years in captivity at his house in Vienna, until she managed to escape in 2006.

How she survived and learned to accept freedom

Priklopil abducted Natascha with an intention to make her his perfect woman he could fall in love with. He had a difficult time finding a mate due to his sociopathic tendencies, so in his mind, the only way was to force himself on someone.

He kept Natascha in a small cellar underneath his house. She was locked and unheard, even when Priklopil's mother was visiting him.

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But Natascha never lost hope. She didn't want to give up on her life and dreams, and deep inside, she always knew that she would escape.

Once the opportunity presented itself, Kampusch ran as fast as she could until she reached safety. The day the girl escaped, Priklopil committed suicide, knowing that otherwise, he would be caught.

The girl mourned his death, but had to move forward with her life. Natascha denies having Stockholm Syndrome, but she's rumored to carrying her abductor's photo in her purse.

But freedom was difficult for Natascha. She was awarded Priklopil's house after his death, and it felt like her captivity still had a hold on her. As Natascha told The Sun:

I own the house, but it is not useful for me, because I can’t do anything with it. I can’t sell it, rent it, or move in. And it’s kind of a burden. I have it because I didn’t want it to get in the wrong hands. I go there every two months – not often, but I have to go there to maintain it. What is important is to never give other people the opportunity to play with my life.


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Over time, Natascha learned to see her ownership of the house as her being in control of her life. No one could make a museum of her captivity, so she decided to take it further, and wrote a book about her experience.

Her book titled 3,096 Days – the exact period she spent in captivity – became the ultimate catharsis for Natascha. It was her way to finally become free.

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